I'm off to the UK and will be presenting a paper titled Agitating the void: phenomenology and its practical application in drawing.

It will be presented at the Drawing Research Network annual conference at Loughborough University in the UK on Tuesday 11 September 2018. Click here for more information about the conference.

PGR Drawing Research Network Conference: Practice and Drawing//Diverse Perspectives: examining possibilities for drawing in practice led research

The conference aims to create a space for discussion and collaboration centred on an examination of practice led research where drawing forms a defining part of research across a diverse range of practices e.g. painting, sculpture, architecture, printmaking, installation, audio-visual, music, text, language, the performative.

We will examine the relationship between drawing practice and drawing theory, the role of drawing at each stage of research methodology, and the question of how thought processes and affective response relate to drawing process in practice.

These areas of enquiry will be addressed by a series of academic papers delivered during the morning, followed by a panel discussion, and a series of practical drawing workshops in the afternoon. The conference offers an opportunity for debate and reflection, encouraging engagement across a wide range of research practices.

We welcome and encourage participation from a diverse range of delegates whose engagement with drawing is informed by a variety of experiences across academic and practice contexts.