I'll be presenting at Arts Forum this week at the School of Creative Arts, UTAS, in Hobart on Friday 31 August.

Here's the blurb:

David Edgar is a visual artist who draws on personal experiences of being in wild and isolated locations to progress his practice. Within this, he seeks disturbances of both material and psychological resonance. He uses a range of media to record these uneasy experiences, before bringing them back into his studio to explore them further with drawing. The process involves the coalescence of intuition and immediacy amongst structure and careful planning where the form and content of collected on-site data is re-engaged with and re-worked many times over. Factors such as memory, space, deterioration, atmosphere and mood are embedded alongside a wide range of mark making techniques that effect the act and outcome of the drawings.

Davidís education in the arts includes degrees in Fine Art from Bachelor through to PhD (submitted in 2018) from UTAS. David has exhibited internationally in the US, across Tasmania, and in most States of Australia. He has also been a casual tutor, mostly in drawing, here at the School of Creative Arts since 2008, and is currently represented in Tasmania by Handmark Gallery.

For this Art Forum, David will contemplate the mysteries of drawing, considering its relationship to ideas and nature, as being empty as well as full, as both form and nothingness, and in a pictorial sense as representational and abstract. He will link drawing to his PhD research in phenomenology and the void explaining how it involves intensity and fragility and encapsulates a dichotomy of certainty and uncertainty.

David Edgar, crawl, 125 x 125 cm, charcoal on paper, 2018. Photograph by Alastair Bett