Hi all, it's been a while since updates. I am slack, yes indeed, but my head has been down busily writing and drawing. I have 6 months left to finish off my PhD so it may continue to be quiet around here for a little longer.

Anyway, Sydney Contemporary is this week, and Handmark are taking some of my work up to it. I will be there on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if you are around in Sydney and want to say hi. Sydney Contemporary is on at Carriageworks in Redfern; Handmark can be found on Booth P03 from 7-10 September. Then its back home and into the studio.

Here's a few new drawings that will be on display at Sydney Contemporary...

David Edgar, pause, charcoal on paper, 97 x 145cm, 2017

David Edgar, as one, charcoal on paper, 92 x 145cm, 2017 (sold)