Day 13 - Thursday 28 July 2016

More devilís, a coyote, and bad drawing

Twin Butte's

I woke up today at 6.10 with the alarm. Got myself ready by 7 and was out the door with Hassan headed for the Devilís Dinning Room and Chicken Point on the Broken Arrow trail. Today's weather was once again superb, blue sky, not a cloud to be seen and very little people on the trail, although there were a few pink jeeps on the nearby 4x4 trail. Midway into the walk was another impressive sinkhole this time named Devilís Dinning Room. It was much smaller in diameter than Devilís Kitchen, but much deeper (up to 60-90 feet deep) and fenced off perhaps because itís a little less noticeable than the Kitchen.

Devil's Dining Room sinkhole Hassan and I on our way to Chicken Point The Two Nuns and Twin Buttes From Chicken Point

The hike then took us between Twin Buttes and Submarine Rock until we got to Chicken Point and 360-degree sweeping views out to Bell Rock, the Two Nuns (just around from the Chapel of the Holy Cross), and in the other direction Uptown Sedona. At one point, as I was looking towards Bell Rock, I saw my first ever wild coyote wander past down in the valley below. On the way back we stopped at Mushroom Rock, a very strange quite alien looking red rock formation seemingly plopped in a mushroom shaped blob on top of a large round flat-ish section of red rock. Once again the views from itís summit were 360-degrees of astonishing. The red rock set against the blue sky with a smattering of green trees on a sunny day is truly colour saturation overload. It canít get much richer than this.

Hassan atop of Mushroom Rock

Anyway, the short drive back to the casita was made. That feeling of being tired, lethargy, excitement and stimulation was flowing through my body again. Charlotte had breakfast ready upon our return and as per usual it was filling and sensational (all of the breakfasts thus far have had a Persian flair to it, lucky me.) We talked for a little while before I went back into the casita and got myself ready for a few hours down at the arts centre doing some drawing.

Part of the view from Mushroom Rock Me and mushroom rock More rich red rock North Studio at Sedona Arts Centre

I drove down there today because I had a bit of stuff and I needed to get a few supplies later in the day. I worked in North Studio until about 4, sketching and looking through the images that I had taken during today's walk. For some reason my drawing just wasnít working. I was doing it all wrong. I was drawing like I did about 8 years ago and simply totally forgot about all of the stuff that I had been doing prior to leaving home. I got frustrated with myself and wrote some harsh words myself around what I was doing, or rather what I was not doing or should be attempting to do. This helped get me on track but I was tired by this stage and over it (after about 3-4 hours of just simply not thinking through it properly). Oh well, I suppose itís a good way to learn I guess (from your mistakes I mean).

View from the roof of my casita

So I got out of the arts centre just after 4, went to Whole Foods in West Sedona and bought some dinner and supplies before driving back to the casita and, due to the heat, poured a nice cool bath and lay in it for about 30 minutes - soothing and divine. A great morning, an average afternoon and a calm evening as Iím feeling quite tired. (I did watch there recently released film The Big Short about the American housing crisis of the 2000s. I was suitably impressed with it. 8 out of 10 on the Edgar scale)