Day 3 – Monday 18 July 2016

Arcosanti and Fight Score

I woke up at 9.15 after a terrible nights sleep. Yesterday was such a buzz that when I went to bed last night, along with jetlag, and a couple cups of Kava, my mind was racing. 1am and it was still buzzing, but thank goodness for sleeping tablets. A half a one downed with a glass of water and I was finally able to get a few hours sleep but that didn’t stop multiple waking’s during the night. Damn jetlag.

Anyway, up for breakfast in the dining hall at 10, chatted with a few different artists, ready for the day ahead. It would appear that quite a few people are leaving today as the numbers are down at breakfast. Following eating I had a little time to do some writing before meeting 9 other artists out the front of the dining hall to be picked up by Carol in the school van and taken on an hour long drive to Arcosanti, a futurist urban laboratory that commenced being built in 1970s. An extraordinary vision, but sadly minimal funding to see the project through, and particularly sad that in the 40+ years they have only managed to get enough finding to build a very small fraction of the overall design. But what was there was quite something as you can see from the photos, and there is still a dedicated bunch of people working away on it. After 2 hours, featuring a guided tour of the place, we were back in the van. A quick pit stop for an ice cream, as it was particularly hot today, before we are back at the school.

The wonderous architectural vision that is Arcosanti

Arcosanti Arcosanti interior Arcosanti Arcosanti


The amphitheater at Arcosanti Ceramics studio at Arcosanti Another interior, I love the circular windows A storma brewing in the desert as we depart Arcosanti

I spend the next few hours writing before dinner at 5. I sit with 2 couples from the New Orleans area and Eric comes over also. Dinner once again is spectacular. I’m back in my room for a bit more writing before heading off down to a bull ring located a short walk outside of the school grounds to watch a performance piece titled Fight Score by two artists, one who I mentioned yesterday, Melissa Wyman and another artist Cara Emily Levine. The sun was just starting to set. The red rock surrounding mountains were in their most full rich chromatic hues and a crowd of about 35-40 witnessed quite a beautiful performance unfold. Based around defense and collaborative moment it was primal and hypnotic to watch. They first lay in the dirt opposite each other in what appeared to be a type of psychic togetherness/feeling out of each other before each slowly started moving in unison before upping the tempo into semi-violent jerky primal wrestling maneuvers, slowing down and building up again, for about the next 10 minutes or so. At times the dust was flying and swirling, at times they both seemed to move as one, and at times their deep short sharp breathing could be heard loudly by all. A cacophony of chaotic marks was formed in the air, between both bodies and in the red dirt underneath. Someone said it looked like a human bullfight, but without the extreme violence. It concluded as the last rays of the sun were setting on a gorgeously mild and beautifully still night. You can watch a short clip of it here.

Fight Score Fight Score Fight Score The end of Fight Score as the sun sets, beautiful indeed...

Back into my room for some more writing, and finally a bit of time to start some sketching. A more milder paced day, and feeling more acclimatized.