Day 2 - Friday 27 March 2009

I wake up in the morning after what was a dreadful nights sleep. The wind kept me up all night. It felt like it was howling through everything, like a non-stop steam train perpetually chugging and blowing throughout the night. It would stop for a little while before commencing again, there were moments last night when I got so hot in bed that I was sweating then what seemed the next moment was freezing cold. I slept on and off through this, tossing and turning before finally getting out of bed at around 8. The sun was full and the wind had died down. I relieved myself outside washed my head and face in water, changed into fresh clean clothes and made the walk back up to Q3 for a breakfast of muesli and a cup of coffee. Chris and I then wandered off to repair the weather station; Denise and Erika came along to photograph us. Once we had fixed it, I wandered off to Q2 and started to clean up around the back of the house where lying around was a pile of timber mixed in with medium thickness vegetation. After and little while Scott and Mike came over to help me, we moved many wheelbarrow loads of good timber over onto a concrete slab the only remanent of what used to be the radio shed - next to the oil store. The sun was out and it was warming up so it was nice slowly make my way back and forth with the barrow. We found a lot of broken bits of asbestos in the clean up and many small artefacts where there once stood a shed that probably would have kept Q2s firewood or perhaps chooks and other animals. We kept clearing the area until morning tea, then continue on until lunch. We have nearly finished the job but we leave the rest of it until the next day as my back is aching and I have to stop. After lunch I wander down to Q1, help Chris set up the header tank with Chris allowing the toilet to work and water to come out of the kitchen tap. I take a look around the back of Q1 and discover that there has been much clearing done since I was last here in November 2008. A large patch of on the north western side of the house has been torched and land left bare.

I wander down to the top of the Haulage way and sit for a while making some drawings of the Blade and Cape Pillar and the old haulage carts. Alan, followed by Erika appear at various stages and when I have nearly completed a drawing of the Blade, Chris, Mike, Scott, Sue and Kevin appear also to have a look around. Kevin and Sue head back to Q3 but I join the others on a hasty walk of the western side of the island, looking into the lost world part of the island. What a place, I must say again, these cliffs appear to be beyond reality. They exude a quiet intensity about them. Chris mentions that the wind speed last night was 46 knots or about 90kms. The walk concludes back near Q1 so I grab my shower gear then wander back up to Q3, take a quick shower, have some dinner, do the washing up and drying before heading back to my bed base down at Q1. Im too tired to write so this days action is written the following morning after I get up. I sleep much better tonight.