COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme
David's work is eligible to be purchased through the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme. Please find details below, as well as links to the COLLECT website and Handmark.



What is COLLECT?

The COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme is an interest-free loan scheme that enables you to purchase artworks by contemporary Tasmanian artists from participating Tasmanian galleries.

Who can use it?

All Australian residents can apply to the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme.

Note that it is restricted to individuals only. Businesses cannot use the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme to purchase artworks. The Scheme is intended for the public to purchase artworks for their own private and personal enjoyment, not as a commercial undertaking or business activity.

Where can I buy artworks?

The COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme can only be accessed through participating galleries.

Click here to view participating galleries.

How much can I borrow?

The minimum amount you can borrow is $750 and the maximum is $7 875.

The minimum retail price for an artwork able to be purchased using a COLLECT loan is $400, so you will need to buy at least two $400 artworks to be eligible for a $750 loan.

The maximum retail price for an artwork able to be purchased using a COLLECT loan is $10 500, so to buy an artwork retailing above $7 875, you will need to pay a deposit equalling the balance. For example, if you purchase an artwork retailing at $10 500, you will need to pay a deposit of $2 625.

What artworks can I buy?

You can buy any two or three-dimensional artworks including paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, glasswork, textiles, metalwork, woodwork, jewellery, furniture, ceramics, photographs, film and video, new media and limited edition prints. Any artwork by a Tasmanian living artist from a participating gallery that retails between $400 and $10 500 is eligible.

Note that this must be the first sale of the artwork i.e. it must not have been previously owned or sold.

Can I buy prints?

Yes, you can use the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme to buy limited edition prints where the print run is less than, or equal to, 150 prints. You cannot use it to buy reproductions or posters.

Can I commission artworks?

Yes you can, however you must pay a 25 per cent deposit up front and then apply for a COLLECT loan to cover the balance.

The minimum price of a commissioned artwork is $1 000 to qualify for a $750 loan. The maximum price of a commissioned artwork is $10 500 to qualify for a $7 875.

What does it cost?

There are no application or administrative costs. The only cost is the retail price of the artwork plus any freight costs you may incur.

When do I have to repay the loan?

The term of the loan is one year. Repayments are to be made each month via direct debit in 12 instalments. There are no penalties for early pay out of the loan.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out an artwork holding form at the gallery, they will then keep the artwork aside for you while you go online and complete the loan application form.

Click here to view full application terms and conditions on the How to Apply page.

How long does my application take to process?

Once received, it takes five days to process your application. If your application is approved you then have a further five days to sign and return your loan agreement. Once you have sent back your signed documents and the gallery has been paid, the artwork will be released to you.

What if I live interstate?

If you live interstate and purchase artwork from a gallery's website, when submitting your application you will need to send art@work two forms of identification showing your current address, one of which must be photo identification.

You may also need to pay freight costs in addition to the artwork cost if you can't collect the artwork from the gallery. Freight costs cannot be included in the loan.

Who provides the loan?

The loan is provided by arts@work, the industry development arm of Arts Tasmania, through the Tasmanian Government.

How many loans can I have at once?

You can only have one active loan at a time through the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme, although this one loan can cover a number of different artworks purchased at the same time from the same gallery.

Can I use the gallery lay-by system in conjunction with a COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme loan?

No. You cannot use the gallery lay-by system to fund any outstanding balance for works priced over $7 875 or to cover any freight costs. These must be paid up front before the work is released to you.