Goodbye, uncanny fog and game over...

For the first time all residency I wake before the sun. I roll over and try and get back to sleep but my mind is racing so thereís no point in fighting it. Out to the wood panelled bathroom with the low ceiling for a blistering hot shower. I will miss this shower and I make my final one a long one, although I do feel somewhat guilty midway through and hop out.

Breakfast of coffee, a bowl of cereal followed by a cup of tea. I wash up the dishes and start packing my things away. I give my power-point a final test and thankfully so as it doesnít run all the way to the end. Problem fixed and Iím out the door for a final walk around Rocky Cape, via the lighthouse before scaling the small hill above it for a slightly different vantage point of the headland, across North Cave and to Table Cape, and out to The Nut looking west in the other direction.

Red rock at Fossil Bluff Fossil Bluff Rocky Cape Preemptive fog

Its overcast but mild today, the tide is as far out that I have seen it on the whole trip so there is a vast amount of Rocky Capeís rocks on display.

As I sit down to write again for the final time on the big white desk with steel legs, no draws or anything, very plain, I imagine what another 4 weeks here would be like, and what sort of questions and drawing I would get up to. What other things would I do, who might I meet, and what films and other inspiration might come along. But alas, this is the last day.

The shack is silent, I stare out at the yellow shack across the way, the one with the purple car parked out the front. Behind it Bass Strait is still and flat out to the horizon, emptiness, a little like my mind at the moment, and the interior of the shack as the car is now packed and Iím ready to leave. Have I fulfilled my expectations of a 4-week residency, I donít know yet. I need time to absorb all of this. I certainly have plenty of fodder to work with, just how it will be worked is the next step. I still have 20 minutes of so before having to hit the road for the final time out of Rocky Cape. I sit in silence.

Its 1.55 pm, the power-point is set up and ready to go. My artist talk goes well, although I realise that it should probably have a little more in it about drawing. Perhaps next time Iíll add that in. There is about 13-14 people and I rattle on for about 45-50 minutes. This is my final act before driving the 4 hours to Hobart.

Itís a pretty easy drive but there is one notable occurrence. Just as I get to Deloraine, at about 5 pm, a fog appears and gets thicker fast. I slow down but then realise that I donít need to as I can quite clearly see the road ahead. I keep driving and soon realise that I canít see anything out to the left or right expect for thick grey fog. It feels like I am floating, no longer is the car driving on a road but has turned into some sort of flying machine floating machine. I am exhilarated by this, occasionally the dim silhouette of a tree passes by otherwise the otherworldliness is overwhelming. I turn off into the Launceston bypass on the road to Hobart and the scene is reminiscent of a dark and foggy London street a la the time of Jack the Ripper, well thatís what I think of anyway. I drive under a bridge, there are a couple of street-lights but much higher than built up areas that are glowing with orange foggy halos around them, the scene is uncanny to say the least. I think for a split second to stop the car and take a photo, but then I think that I would rather have this as a memory.

The fog lasts until I get into Perth, the grey of fog has changed to the darkness of night. The remaining drive to Hobart is eventless, clear skies and easy driving and before I know it I am in the familiar surroundings of my living room with family in it. Game overÖ