Darkness, for the love of charcoal

The small room is dark so the morning pleasantries occur later than usual. There was a tapping sound all night, dripping water or creaking timber? I’m not sure and I couldn’t find the source. Oh well. Starting the day by writing up of the previous days events before working on a few sketches then on the road again towards Burnie to meet Prof Allison director and head of Cradle Coast Campus of Utas. The weather is still wild and windy, heavy rain in-between pockets of brief sunshine and the occasional clear patch of sky and much colder than yesterday.

Near Doctor's Rocks

Our meeting is great. Prof Allison is a warm person, her corner office has two sides of floor to ceiling glass windows and the manicured grass outside seems to flow down the hill and into the office space. We speak freely about the residency, the wonders of the north west, art including Monet and Turner and a host of other topics.

An hour is up before we know it and I’m back on the road again, a quick couple of stops for petrol and supplies before I’m heading west again towards home-base. Just before coming into Wynyard there is a sign that says ‘geological feature’ which I have driven past just about every day and not stopped at. The ‘feature’ is known as Doctor’s Rocks, I stop today to investigate. Rain is near, there is a small area of rock jutting up just beyond the railroad tracks next to the car-parking area I don’t think this is Doctor’s Rocks, but it stands out strangely against the flat beach area. On the other side is small embankment that drops away 10 feet or so down onto a pebbly beach. The rain starts but its light. Looking at this rock formation from the other side is far more dramatic. Dark rock in columns, with darker shadows in-between reaching vertically skyward. A strange and beautiful thing but only one section juts out from the surface below. The rain gets heavier. So I leave the headland to my left which is probably Doctor’s Rocks and scramble back up the embankment and into the car for the drive back to home-base.

The rest of the afternoon is taken up with drawing, sharpening pencils with delicate love, scratching on, not good for the lower back, adjust, readjust, play with tone, form and space. Much less action today, I feel like life is a bit of blur, between wild sounds, radio interviews, cooking, driving, sleeping and domestic life.