Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

A fairly calm night last, and nice to get some uninterrupted sleep. Up at the usual time but out the door quicker today for some quality studio time at Makers Workshop. Iím doing a drawing workshop on Saturday and today is spent testing out how elements of it might proceed. A still life is set up in a number of variations, spot lights used as well as the projection of some rocky landscape images taken whilst on residency thus far. Adjustments needed, as I draw my way through some of the exercises. Itís intriguing to see how the drawings loosened themselves up as each one is completed, particularly with the projected rocky landscape imagery, and how concentration levels ebbed and flowed throughout the day. Itís a pretty jam-packed and intense workshop so Iíve toned it down a bit for Saturday.

Beach near home-base Sunset with bird over the Nut in the far distance Beautiful grasses The calm before the storm

Back on the road again mid to late afternoon towards home-base, through the rain and wind, stopping just out of Burnie to look at the extraordinary grey and subdued yellow light over Table Cape as a storm approaches from the west. Back at the shack I tackle some sketching when a magnificent sunset unfolds outside. I take myself down to the nearby beach lured by the golden yellows, rich oranges, cool reds, dark blues, greys and black and sit and take in the proceedings occurring in front of me. The breeze is cool and relatively calm blowing the coastal grass from side to side whilst the waves of Bass Strait gently push onto the sandy shore. Itís a strange calm after such a foul day, and it turns out being the calm before the storm as a terrible night of wind and rain is to follow. So terrible that midway into the night I had to swap bedrooms in search of somewhere quieter as everything was shaking, the bed, windows, the fireplace, blinds, the floor, etc. My nerves were on edge with thoughts that the inclement weather would rip the shack into pieces and I imagined myself chasing after all of my stuff as it blew around the little shack-ship of Rocky Cape.

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Sketch 4

Before bed I work on a few sketches or rocks continuing the looseness of drawing explored earlier on in the day. They ended up looking somewhat like Australian artist Jan Senbergs work. Not consciously, perhaps the studio day at Makers Workshop has done. I have a book of drawings by Jan Senbergs at home and Raymond showed me some of his Queenstown work last week. Itís strange how the mind and hand works.